AI to Prepare Leads for the Conversation

DMP offers AI to warm up cold leads… just in time for your lead development rep’s conversation

Use AI to Automate Parts of the Pre-Sales Funnel

In the mid-funnel lead qualification stage, it’s best practices to have your lead development rep personally contact each prospect by phone or email to fully pre-qualify the prospects so they are truly sales-ready before sending to your sales team. Automating parts of the early pre-sales process with AI  can save much time and energy, particularly when there are large volumes. DMP fulfills this role with an automated, artificial intelligence driven solution (powered by Conversica) to help our pre-sales teams more efficiently carry on virtual two-way written email communications to verify their intent to speak with your lead development reps.  Without large volumes, the usual multi-touch DMP tele-qualification process is more cost effective.

Conversica’s artificial intelligence-based application is able to interpret email responses from leads and generate a natural email response that sound as if they are coming from a live human, not a computerized auto responder. The program uses a friendly, colloquial conversational style in messages that do not contain graphics or links as auto responders do.
Presented as a human persona, the software application can uncover interest through on-going email interactions, all without any human involvement. As the email conversation continues, the AI component of the platform becomes more confident in responding to repeated data or phrases, and as a result it can interpret the customer’s mood or intent more accurately and determine the right time to alert your DMP lead development rep to take over and engage with the prospect to gather the hard to get information or pain points and set a meeting for the sales person.

In terms of the tech stack, Conversica AI can operate as a stand-alone solution or integrate with CRM systems such as Salesforce. Ideally, Conversica should be used and integrated with CRM applications and other marketing/sales automation solutions.

Consider DMP’s research that  it takes 7-13 touches to generate a sales-ready lead.

Some Follow-up Stats

Consider the following points:

38% of inbound leads receive zero follow-up
39% receive one or two follow-ups
20% receive more than two follow up attempts

(source: 2017 Sales Effectiveness Study of 866 companies, Conversica)

For large quantities of prospect email follow-up, DMP + Conversica allows AI to do the heavy lifting, and DMP takes over to finish the job of qualifying prospects. This enables the customer to reduce expense, while optimizing large volumes of prospects.

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