DMP’s Account Based Marketing Services

Bull’s-Eye Target Accounts – Deeper and Wider

Webinars involve a great deal of planning and perfect execution. Let the professionals handle it for you and then integrate results into your lead generation processes.

Today the webinar, specifically those about “demand generation,” is more than a top content marketing staple. It is a proven way for marketers to attract, engage, and convert new audiences into customers. 

Anyone can do a mediocre webinar. Yet done well, a webinar can help you move your buyer’s sales needle from “just researching” to becoming “ready to buy now”.

By taking accountability for managing the entire webinar life cycle while deploying a proven methodology and actionable metrics; we know what to do before, during, and after the webinar to educate and make your audience want to attend and be inspired to have a sales conversation with you afterwards.  

DMP along with our partner, WebAttract, has produced and delivered over 500 B2B webinars across multiple industries and markets.  We are available to help you determine if a webinar is right for you and explore how we can help you meet and exceed your mid-funnel demand generation objectives.