Marketing Automation

Diagnosis and Improvement

Tune up your marketing automation

This service bundle is for B2B firms running MA now, but seeking to take it to the next level and better optimize their lead to sales funnel results.

As we work with marketing professionals, we observe increasing usage and reliance on marketing automation tools such as Marketo, Eloqua, Salesfusion, Act-On, Pardot and many others.

Some of the issues B2B selling firms face include:

  • Low Lead-to-Sales Conversion Rates
  • Complexity of Their MA Tool and Understanding its Capabilities
  • Building Effective Segmentation Plans and Email Nurturing Programs
  • Need to Quickly Set Up and Launch Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Coping with Compliance Issues
  • Online Campaigns are not Competitive with your Competitors
  • Translating Prospect Behavior into Meaningful Data for Sales Teams

Here’s where we can help you achieve better results for your marketing automation investment:

  • Diagnose Lead to Sales Funnel Problems
  • Design and Configure your MA Tool to Better Meet your Sales Objectives
  • Align Marketing and Sales Needs Through a Scoring System Customized to your Sales Cycle
  • Marketing Automation Campaign Strategies Including Content Development
  • Marketing Automation Campaign Quick Set Up and Launch
  • Identifying Key Account Activity
  • Integrating with the Rest of the Touch Points in the Lead Qualification Process
  • Helping with E-Privacy and GDPR Regulations for the EU and Other US and Canadian Regulations

DMP is committed to our clients’ success. We recognize the impact marketing automation has on the top of the sales funnel and our MA Consultancy was developed solely to assist you in utilizing your marketing automation investment to its full potential.