Marketing Automation

Assesment, Acquisition and Implementation

Assesment, Acquisition and Implementation

This service bundle is for the B2B firms seeking to assess their needs for Marketing Automation, along with the selection and implementation should MA be needed.

Implementing MA can be a positive step. However, more and more B2B selling firms are seeking a partner to help diagnose the lead to sales funnel needs, acquire the best MA software tool, and implement and support the system with a smile.

DMP understands that mastering marketing automation software means a commitment from your marketing team to learn how all of the marketing touch channels integrate with each other and how the flow of leads must connect to your sales team.

  • Integrated Email Marketing
  • Lead Capture and Lead Scoring (Initial and progressive)
  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Ability to Integrate with Sales; CRM
  • Drip and Nurturing Campaign Capabilities
  • Tele-Qualification Touch Point Integration
  • Campaign and Activity Reporting and Tracking.

True MA platforms are built on the premise of facilitating the flow of leads as they move from messaging, to capture, to pre-qualification to sales assignment.

DMP can help you determine if MA tools can help improve your lead to sales process and can help acquire and implement a solution to meet your goals and achieve a significant ROI.